Sunday, June 06, 2010

MacDonalds' Arts Outreach in the Community

It is good to see some support for the local arts scene. Normally support for the arts is either a bir corporate affair (i.e. sponsored by who and who with names splashed all over) or more of an afterthought, i.e. smallish concept. So I was quite pleasantly surprise to see this poster slot for the arts when I visited the East Coast Mac Cafe.

The details for the arts support is 'We welcome display of arts & theatre posters on this noticeboard'. So yupz, for those who want some publicity at the Mac, send an email to The look and feel of this concept by Mac seems to be a permanent one. Heh I'm sure it is always good to have more publicity for any events. Hopefully the arts outreach by Mac is not too costly to Mac or else the affair might be short-lived.

Since this is an 'arts support' post, let me also do my part for some promo for the There is the Esplanade Diary with the events spanning 3 months. The current issue is about events from April to June 2010.

Do grab a copy of the latest events (should be out soon) and go for the events!

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