Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random Food Pics - Zion Road Boon Tiong Kee, & Blue Ginger

Some random pictures of the food from Zio Road Market - Boon Tiong Kee Chicken Rice, and Tanjong Pagar's Blue Ginger.

I think I've had a lot of fantastic chicken rice, thus the Zion Road Boon Tiong Kee wasn't as tasty as I expected. The rice wasn't fragrant enough and both the steam and grilled chicken tasted very normal. Perhaps I wasn't hungry enough that day and that affected my tastebuds.

On another day, we had Blue Ginger Peranakan food and the dishes were great! I didn't take too many photos since the phone camera wasn't working well under a lack of bright lights.

Here's the picture of the otak as an appetiser, and also the durian chendol! Wow, the durian puree was simply satisfying. Nope I didn't consume all three chendols; they were shared. Of course, the chendol (and other dishes) were cheap ($4.80 each), but for any who crave peranakan food, the Blue Ginger is a must try.

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