Friday, September 18, 2009

Lala Clam Ate a Small Crab!

We were ordering chili fried seafood, including lala clams, sotongs (squids), as well as stingray at one of the coffee shop by Circular Road. The food were generally good, with big portions and just right spiciness.

I was prying to open one of the lala clams when I notice a particularly big 'garlic' stuck to the open shell. That got me curious since this 'garlic' seems to have some hairy bits sticking out of it. (inside the red circle of the picture below)

Then it dawned upon me (upon closer inspection) that is is actually a small baby crab!

I guess the clam must have closed its shell when this baby crab walked too near it. Poor crab, but oh well I helped it took revenge by eating the clam. :)

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