Monday, August 03, 2009

Lift Upgrading Programme - Pictures

It is interesting to see how the entire Lift Upgrading construction is done. Many of the pieces for the new lift core is pre-fabricated in the factory and then fixed / assembled at the site.

I took some of these pictures. What is more amazing is how these workers can work at such ease so high up, i.e. 20 over storey in the sky! I think I would tremble so violently that I can't do much work actually.

From the pictures, you can see how the pieces are lifted up and then adjusted at the spot to form the lift core in an almost lego-blocks like fashion. The workers have to budge the pieces, and also communicate with the crane operator at ground level. Tough job! Yeah, the yellow colour crane is stablised at the ground level by those four spidey looking legs.

When the pieces are finally completed, a new lift shaft and lift will be installed.
Sometimes I have mixed feeling about the life upgrading programme. While it is great to have lifts at your downsteps, it actually also obstruct the views that I used to enjoy. Sometimes I wonder why HDB cannot build the lifts properly in the first place many years ago. The dust and inconvinence is quite irritating actually.

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