Sunday, June 07, 2009

World Environment Day 5th June

5th June was the World Environment Day and there were a host of events. I watched the film '11th Hour' that basically talked about how we can save planet Earth. Or more importantly, the Earth will self sustain, but it is the human race who is speeding our own extinction together with the extinction of many other species. A tragedy in some sense. Humans have been using 'fossilized sunlight' at too rapid a speed to create a sustainable environment for ourselves. I think it is worth the while to watch this film. Personally I think it drives home the point more convincingly compared to the early 2006 'An Inconvenient Truth' film.

There were many exhibitions around shopping centres as well, and here's some pictures from the Bugis Junction. Seems like there were also performances by students. It is a great idea to create awareness among the younger generation. After all, it is they who will inherit this Earth.

Sometimes I wonder what else can we do other than cutting down on waste, e.g. use less water, recycle papers...etc. It is interesting to see countries paying more attention, e.g. China's proposal of an environmental tax on polluting countries. However, if people's consumption habits do not change, the polluting companies will just find another more convenient country to park the polluting activities. As the film describes, pollution is global, and such polluting activities in other countries will affect all of us.

Perhaps we can start by buying more environmentally friendly gadgets.

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