Saturday, May 30, 2009

Whampoa Food Street (Keng) Fish Head Steamboat

In my late teens years, my family often went to Whampoa market on Sunday for the fish head steamboat. Often the queue was long and we had to wait for nearly an hour. So when we heard that there was another Whampoa Fish Head steamboat around Rangoon Road we naturally became frequent diners at the place.

Over time somehow, the quality of the Whampoa Fish Head at Rangoon Road has dropped somewhat. Nonetheless the charcoal steamboat with flavourful soup is still a great place to have dinner, especially when it is raining.

They added fried yam and a sour plum to the soup, which gave the soup base a richness that is mouth watering. We had pomfret fish when I took this photo. The fish slices are fresh, just be careful about the fish bones, as expected of fish head steamboat.

Part of the reason why the steamboat is good is the chilli they served. The mix of lime, chilli and garlic removes any fishy smell the fish slices might have, and yet the sourish, spicy mixture has an appertising effect.

Other than the fish head steamboat, they have other normal zi char dishes. This plate of dou miao that they charged for $8 is actually quite cheap.

So for those who want to have charcoal fish head steamboat without too long a queue, you could try the one located at Rangoon Road. Parking is not an issue since there are parking lots near the place. In terms of service, the place is only so-so. If you need to add more soup, it is better to ask the aunties to do so earlier. Overall, a meal of fish head steamboat and plate of dou miao (and drinks) cost about $48 for two.

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