Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Carrerfour Wine Fair @ Suntec 21-31 May 09

Carrefour is having a wine fair (again) at Suntec, starting from 21st to 31st May 09, right outside the Carrefour supermarket.

I was passing by the area when I saw a large group of people, who were already shopping within the wine fair. I believe it was the Wine Night preview or something similar, for those folks to have a privileged shopping experience. I think Carrefour also typically throw in some lucky draw for such preview event when they sent the invitation card.

As usual, there is some form of discount to entice wine buyers, and one could also get the other related wine accessories, e.g. wine glasses and openers at the fair. Normally they will also sell cheese, but I am not sure this time round.

What is more interesting is that Carrefour has also thrown in free delivery with conditions. Those who purchase above $150 worth of wine or other stuff at the fair, can ask for a free delivery of the products. If the total purchase is less than $150, just add $8 for the delivery charge. Saves the trouble of lugging around 4-6 bottles of wine, i.e. about $150 worth of wines.

So for those wine lovers, do drop by Carrefour @ Suntec and take a look! I am likely to grab a bottle or two over the next few days.

Afternote: I popped by the fair, and took a picture of these flask like apparatus. Each flask contained a paricular smell / aroma associated with wine characteristics. Quite interesting to personally experience the 'smell'.

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