Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Botanical Gardens - Trees & Sculptures

Singapore's Botanical Garden is a place of treasures. It is a peaceful, quiet place in the middle of the bustling city that offers some shelter against the stress of working in the concrete jungle.

I was at the Botanical Gardens some time back (ironically it was for work) and took these pictures of the place. It was nice to see big trees, and nicer still to read that they have gone out of their ways to preserve these trees. The picture below shows a Penagat Laut tree.

Here's the sign that describes their effort in preserving this particular tree. Oh well, this is the 'Garden' afterall so it is not that surprising that they preserve trees.

The peaceful settings in the Botanical Garden is partly due to the many shelters they built, often surrounded by little ponds that added to the overall tranquility. The water plants with fishes swimming around them definitely helps to give a nice touch to the place. One can literally 'lost time' merely by watching the fishes swimming beneath these leaves.

Of course, the Botanical Gardens is also peppered with occasional decorations with a different touch from the trees. When I first saw this 'komodo lizard', I was quite amused.

Then I read from these signs that the Botanical Gardens sort of 'recycled' tree roots and stumps that 'add a wonderful tactile touch to the planting'. They had put in quite some efforts into these sculptures.

This wooden sculpture below is one of plants and leaves. Craving plant shaped sculptures from 'plant' roots gave a different take to the word 'recycle'.

Here's one more lizard sculpture located near their information counter. Overall I think Botanical Gardens is worth visiting, especially for Sundays when one deserves a good rest. They also have many restaurants, and also some performance area for concerts if I am not wrong. This place with over 150 years of history is free for members of the public to visit.

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