Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lunar New Year 2009 - pictures & thoughts

It's always fun during this period of the year around Chinese / Lunar New Year. Part of the reason is the many activities of shopping for new year goodies, clothes and also the many colourful sights of foods /flowers. The other reason is that we would have a good period of rest and family time during these few days of break. Of course, businesses would take the opportunity to hold events (e.g. the Sentosa Flower Fest) and promotions to earn more money.

Here's some typical photos of the flower nursery and food that you can find during this period (photos from Sing Seong, and the nursery along Bukit Timah road). There are some food that we especially enjoy during this period of time, including bak gua (roasted pork) & pineapple tarts, and according to the papers the 白肚鱼 is also especially delicious during this time of the year.

Increasingly I think this holiday period is especially good for spending meaningful ime with family. During our normal hectic time schedules, we hardly have time to accompany our family for anything significant. The other short 1-day public holidays would normally be spent by sleeping. These few holidays where the Chinese traditions created more family activity time is truly a bliss. The whole chain of activities starting from house keeping to reunion dinner, and staying up late on the last day of the 'Rat' year is quite fun. 'Rat' is the previous Zodiac animal for the lunar year that just passed. I seriously think I would feel blue when work starts again on Weds.

Ok here's wishing everyone a Happy 'Niu' Year and 新年快乐 万事如意. Niu = 牛 for those who don't understand the Chinese hanyupinyin, and this is the year of the Ox / 牛 in the Chinese Zodiac.

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