Monday, March 10, 2008

Singapore Flyer Trip

Last week went with colleagues to the Singapore Flyer! Felt like a school excursion somehow. The ticks are at $29.50 for an adult. The whole flyer experiecne lasted about 30 minutes. Quite enjoyable actually though some folks got bored after 5 mins. It is recommended to go in a group of people since you could do more group activities (e.g. take photos, or do a Kallang Wave and shock the passengers in the other capsule).

Took some pictures for the event. Here's how the flyer looks like from a distance, and the entrance to the capsule.

In the capsule, the view is good. If you look across / down from within the capsule, these are what you will see.

Took a picture of the on-going construction at the Integrated Resort. Guess the view from the flyer at night will be even better when the IR is up. Took many other pictures too, but I guess these are enough for now.

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