Monday, March 03, 2008

An NMP's speech that we should read

I just read Mr Siew Kum Hong, an NMP's speech about the recent Budget 2008. A very moving speech. The response officially is that his speech is 'reckless'.

Hmm, I think the point to note is how people are being treated than the exact details of how much to spend for the citizens. I think sometimes the higher-ups may have missed the point completely, and the point is how this country treats its people. It need not be about large money hands-out; it is just the attitude. I earlier mentioned that that sometimes I hoped we wouldn't be treated as mere numbers, but citizens who live in this small little island, citizens whose lives revolve around this little island. Think the PR dept of various government agencies need to do more... in the speeches they write, they could build in more 'caring' sentences for the people.

Of course, if there are concrete plans to recognise the citizens (e.g. previously the papers did some good write-ups about local entrepreneurs) that would be best...

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