Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Robots at COMEX

hee was at COMED last week...crowded as usual... same stuff... 1 floor the big brand names and another flr the 'loose items'.

Bought a cheap cheap $16 Logitech keyboard... kekeke cos the old keyboard really old le and a few keys not working. 'Enter' key stuck while the down arrow somehow a bit spoilt.

Half tempted to purchase a digital camera... my old one is only at 3.2 megapixel... but then not going anywhere for tour in near future so I didn't buy one yet... guess would do so at the next fair... didn't know digital cameras reaching the size of 12 megapixels... wonder why on earth would I need such a big big picture... hmmm maybe next time I would know :p

Oh...then I saw these cute robots!! really cute de... remote control... lolz... was from some company whose name I captured in the photo... but I forget to ask how much is the robot... no... dun really think i wld buy it kekeke too much trouble bah :p

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