Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blogger got problem with singnet 1-500-19 issue

haiz... for many days I experienced problems with blogger... with some funny errors... till I got somewhat sianz and so did a google search. That's why I didn't blog so often... using a warped interface is not fun de.

Turn out... blogger got problems with singnet. Saw this on this blog... changed my proxy... and solved it! Didn't know got such problems before.

>> Blogger Employee has associated these errors, as earlier, with Singnet customers in Singapore. We have also heard from people in areas near Singapore, most likely using ISPs who get service through Singnet.

To confirm the latter possibility, run the command


from a command window. Copy and paste the output from the tracert into your next online post, when you ask for assistance.

>> Some Bloggers reporting this have also reported the distorted / unusable dashboard or Post Editor toolbar.

>> As a workaround to the problem, Singnet customers can use a proxy server, "". If your ISP gets service through Singnet, you may have this option. We suspect that people not getting service through Singnet cannot use "".
(Note): This will affect all of your web access through this browser, not just Blogger. If other services are negatively affected by your using the proxy, you'll want to contact Singnet directly. Or you may be able to use a separate browser for Blogging, for a while.

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