Sunday, March 04, 2007


Watched Protege today with a bunch of frens... unplanned movie trip actually...

And it's a great movie! And yes... Zhang Jing Chu is quite chio... hmm big eyes effect with fair fair skin...waaaahhhh... only part I didn't catch fully about the movie is the part when she put something in the letterbox (when her husband and kid moved ahead)... what's that about?

At the beginning and the end, it was asked 'which is more lethal, drugs or emptiness'... the movie is about the drug trade. It's pretty ironic that emptiness could drive people to do so many other lethal things which result in emptiness. What then is the opposite of emptiness? Purpose? It's also pretty ironic that those with supposedly 'purposes' in the movie (Andy Lau and his protege, nick) end up with nothing as well.... one dead when he was about to leave the trade... the other nearly become a drug addict (or was he already one?).

So is apparent 'purpose' better than emptiness realised? Blessed then is the fool with apparent purposes and woe to the smart who realised his emptiness. Maybe we all know this... which is why in the modern day city... many people rush about with apparent purposes... we're happier that way? ... dunno... only know that at this point in time, Bailey's on the rocks is still a good drink compared to Yakult with Bombay Sapphire.... and my purpose right now is to fully enjoy the drink...

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Sandra said... idea too, but i think she's leaving some letter for Daniel Wu. And yesh...she's definitely chio!

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