Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Home cooked Vegetables & Tofu Minced Meat

heh I tried cooking again tonight for my family, with help from mum of course. Mum helped with the vegetables preparation (cos I was working mah) and the adding of oil to the wok. Cos it was my first time cooking chinese style dishes, I was not sure how much oil to add to the big wok.

Well, end up the dishes were not too bad... slightly on salty side for the soupy base of the vegetables, and the tofu minced meat was not as 'tasteful' enough. Maybe I could have added a bit of sesame oil and also marinate the meat somewhat before hand. But it was my first try having to cook two dishes... so I guess it was still alright.


Anonymous said...

Brother, I notice you have been rather domesticated these days.. COOKING?! Wow.. training up to woo girls through their stomach? ;-p hehehe... - Jo

Sunflower said...

Wow well done!

Cusp said...

cooking is a necessary part of adult life mah... and it's quite fun to cook lah... but just can't find the time for cooking on weekdays... :p

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