Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bird Shit & Punggol

Was driving around during the CNY period when I realised a few hassles of driving. Firstly the bird shit at car parks. Parked at the carpark opp Cineleisure... and... wow, my entire car full of bird shit by the time I returned... I was so damn pissed. Then a fren of mine told me I better get them off fast or else the acid wld eat into the paint... which means I gotta clean the car of shit at 1plus am.. which of course spoilt my mood. Was washing the car with tissue and a bottle of mineral water... haiz the feeling of touching the bird sh*t.... zzz....zzzz... yucks! Spent a total of 1 hour I think...

Oh well... guess next time I better be careful abt where I park...

Hmm another interesting thing abt driving is that u start to appreciate the design of the matured HDB estates. When u r around AMK or other places, finding your way ard is easy... the road signs and blk numbers are relatively visible. Went visiting my fren at Punggol... and... realised (the hard way) that there are different clusters of flats using the same series of HDB blk numbering along the same punggol road! And it is damn hard to spot the HDB blk numbers cos' they are painted at the height of 2-3rd storey, which of course wld be blocked by trees. Somemore, not all blk numbers are visible from the road... lolz

heh heh heh... but yah...driving ar can be quite fun lah... :)
(edited on 13 March to add pics: places where I got lost)

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Sandra said...

Hmm...pple always say po cai dan zai rite, so take the bird shit incident as better luck elsewhere instead. =D

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