Saturday, December 02, 2006

National Musuem!!

heh, got an invite to the sneak preview of National Musuem and so went there this evening.

It's quite fun, especially the 'Living Gallery' where there is a 'Musuem Companion' to gudie you along... basically a device that with earphones that brings you through all the exhibits. Never know that Singapore (as an island)'s history stretch so far back... there is even a 'Singapore Stone' with inscriptions that no one knows... err actually i can't see much 'inscriptions on it'.. too faint maybe?

Then there is performances outside... and even fireworks!! haa some pictures here... a bit blur due to both my shaky hand and poor resolution...
On the way back... stopped by Paradiz for a quick meal... and saw folks playing WoW TCG... hmm seems fun... I got a box... but now no stocks...

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