Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thoughts from reading a blog about an interview with one of our forefathers...

Was reading a blog from a link sent by a friend of mine, an interview with one of the forefathers of this country.

What is quite remarkable is that there are many parts which are still true, 12 years down the road. The part about emptiness of youths today. I think that is true, but I think that is also changing, with the society maturing where people see more than merely following the capitalism way of life. Capitalism way of sentence extracted from that blog is this :

They work till nine o’clock at night. I don’t know how their children survive. They work very hard, they make a lot of money. Yes, it’s true.

Now, I think many of us work as hard, more or less. So many of us don't have children, or merely just one. Those of us in this rat race, well, are frankly quite tired. But everynow and then we get reminded by articles in the media that what we have is not enough, medical fees are going up, home ownership is going up...etc etc. If you do plan to retire by 55, then you better have a million in savings to last u till 70s, medical fees included. Seems strange that many of us are working hard to save up for our death and years before our death... a life like that is indeed empty... to prepare to die... reminded me of ancient Egyptians.

To be fair, I do think this is not an issue just for this country, but for many others as well... Has humanity progress in those 4000 over years?

The other point about public service... yes it is also important to recognise that public service is well, to serve the public. If a public officer is merely doing work for his own promotion or to put something into his resume, then indeed, the system has failed.

Could we be more than just a capitalistic society? That, only time can tell.

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