Friday, July 28, 2006

Thai Trip & Singapore Crabs

Oh yah...we went Thailand recently (yah again!) and visited the other the usual places (Chinatown lah, MBK lah...etc). We passed by a flower market too... yah it is interesting how they displayed the flowers... here's a pic and also a pic of the place where we had 'Hong Kong noodles' in Bangkok's Chinatown...

then after we are back from Thailand, we went to a place along the Still Road South to eat pepper crabs! Excellent place, but got to queue... I reached there at 515pm and started to queue before we get to sit down, near to 6pm. The pepper crabs were served about 625pm or so... They do serve big crabs... here's a pic, and note the size of the pincer - it is as long as my finger!


Sunflower said...

how much you pay for the carb?

Cusp said...

Eh about 7 of us and total bill is approximately $170 plus. We had other food like hokkien mee & vege, and drinks.

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