Monday, June 19, 2006

hoo hoo hoo new addiction

o.k. I'm an addict.... to coffee and online games... and now a new game! World of Warcraft! I know I wld be an addict so I put it off for quite some time before playing...haiz.... how true.

Die, for sure there would be a lack of sleep for me... now trying to get the cheapest package deal for WoW.

Oh two Sundays back went to Orchard and saw the anime cosplay... here's a photo...looks real like Gin of Bleach right! Gin is the 3rd captain of the 13 captains in Bleach Soul Society. They put in a lot of effort to do these things... very encouraging...
o.k. to end it off... here's a cute link to a cute game... one of those once off games to pass time...

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