Monday, March 20, 2006

Kuala Lumpur Trip (Planning)

Yupz, planning a short 2-3 days trip to KL. Wonder how long shld I stay there? Take a bus to JB then tranfer to coach to KL...say 5 hrs in total? Heard the bus trip is only 3-4 hrs depedning on the traffic conditions.

1 day shopping ard, eat and maybe catch a movie? I don't think i wld shop much cos this is meant to be a relax trip :) bring a book along, and my mp3 player.

Have to rely on BananaPOP and Kuey (maybe) to bring me around. Yet to ask Kuey... Any good hotel to recommend? KLCC to shop yah, but well I'm not a shopping freak... wat else is there to see in KL?


1 comment:

sunflower78 said...

Have a Nice trip! :D

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