Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weird Lift Conversation

Have you ever want to avoid lift conversation wif your neighbours? Cos they always seem to ask the most awkward questions... like

Neighbour1 : "Are you still studying?"
Me: "No, I've started work" (For goodness's sake, do I look that young??)
Neighbour1: "Oh, where are you working?"
Me: "I worked in XXX..."
Neighbour1: "Good that you are working in XXX"
Me : "..... (politely smile)..."
Neighbour1 :"So how much you earn per month?"
Me: "..... (silent)..." ( if my salary shld be public knowledge)
Neighbour1: "Surely you must be earning a lot per month, so how much?"
Me: ".... (silent)..." ( come the lift is so slow...)

Sometimes it makes me wonder.... even though yes juniors shld show respect to seniors...but hor it doesn''t that these folks shld have the right to simply ask the most non-sensical questions and expect me to answer.... weird... and these conversations wld repeat again with the next neighbour in the next lift encounter.

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