Sunday, October 30, 2005

Noc grew up... to level 15 le...

Here's some pics of Noc (the baby char, again short form of name). He is wearing the white cap then
Noc: 'Litle girl dun cry...'
Little ger: 'Crazy boy... go away!'
Noc: "... ... ...'

Oooh, remember the Matrix? Now we have Matrix pple in the game too!! The green background, plus black specs and black clothes.... haa haa
Black man:' Blue Pill or Red Pill?
Noc: 'None, u r crazy, go away!!!" ("hee hee hee")

Noc levelled le!! See the new hat and new robe?
More professional now? But hor, Noc died as he travelled to
Henesys... sigh

Ooooh new world as the new Noc spotted new things... nice ballon.... and nice bunny... hee hee
Oooh bunny ger wants to travel with me? O_o

O.k. i slpy le.... go sleep....

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