Thursday, September 08, 2005

Feline Instinct

Now... Dun you folks ever feel the weird nervousness of doing presentation? I do. But actually it isn't so much the nervousness of doing presentation but more of the great number of pairs of eyes on you.

I felt the nervousness too when suddenly a group of frens turn to look at me mid-way in a chit chat among friends. So it isn't really the presentation thingy, but what i term as 'feline instinct'. Maybe it's becos I'm shy.... haa o.k. o.k. dun puke I know I'm not shy. Sob. Shyness is something I project to people who dunno me, but I'm defintely not shy. If I'm red face, it's becos of adrenaline... see below...

Now what I meant by 'feline instinct'? Have you ever stare at cats? (I love cats by the way, a close rapport with these furry creatures) If so, you would realise that when you stare/look at them, there is this immediate 'guard' stance they put up. Cos in the animal kingdom, when you stare at something, it means you are going to pounce and eat it up. So cats are scare when you stare at them... and I'm scare (of being eaten alive?!?!) when people stare at me, even if they are my frens... and the natural instinct of fight and run sets in (yah adrenaline...) nope, a girl's stare into my eyes is pretty much different from what we are talking about, so dun stray along that track.

Sigh...Friday coming and I would have over 20 pairs of eyes on me... dun eat me!!!
Oh here's a cat and me in Thailand...

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